SL No. Products
1. Harida
2. Bahada
3. Amla
4. Sikakai (Raw)
5. Honey
Honey is mainly used in the day-to-day food habit in India and abroad.
Honey is used as a folk remedy for cuts, burns, and other minor skin problems, e.g. athletes' foot.
6. Horsegram(Kolatha)
7. Ritha
Processed MFP Items
8. Tamarind Cake
9. Sikakai (Powder)

Shikakai is a natural herbal powder derived from the fruit of the Acacia concinna tree. It has been used for centuries as a hair cleanser. Because of its amazing benefits for the hair the name Shikakai literally means fruit for the hair. It is extremely mild and has a natural low pH. It is an excellent natural hair cleanser and astringent and also acts as a natural detangler. Shikakai powder is used as a hair wash in lieu of soaps & shampoos, it promotes lustrous hair growth, removes dandruff and strengthens hair roots.

10. Triphala (Power)

Triphala is composed of three herbs - amalaki, vibhitaka and haritaki. It is mainly a combination of Myrobalan (Harida), Baheda (Bahada) and Amla. This is used as medicinal powder having lot of medicinal qualities, which are as follows: - Myrobalan (Terminalia chebula) the Tibetans “King of Medicine”, a classic heart-brain-longevity tonic. Baheda (Terminalia bellerica) is astringent, digestive, and anti-spasmodic. It contains essential omega 3 fatty acids – lenoleic acids. Amla (Emblica officinalis) shown increase in gastric emptying and has broad-spectrum activity against many bacteria’s


Useful of treating chronic constipation. Adapotogenic
Regulating Digestion. Immunomodul
Bowl regulation As an eyewash
Rejuvenator Anti-oxidant action
11. Khajuri Guda
12. Amala Juice
This fruit is highly prized both for its high vitamin C content and for the precious oil which is extracted from its seeds and pulp and used as a treatment for hair and scalp problems. Digestive system disorders: dyspepsia, gastritis, hyperacidity, constipation, colic, colitis, hemorrhoids
Bleeding disorders: bleeding hemorrhoids, hematuria, menorrhagia, bleeding gums, ulcerative colitis
Metabolic disorders: anemia, diabetes, gout
Lung disorders: cough, asthma
Aging disorders: osteoporosis, premature graying of hear, weak vision
Neurasthenia: fatigue, mental disorders, vertigo, palpitations
13. Hill Broom

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